Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids will join us to speak about “Aussie Dendrobiums and their Cultivation” and we will celebrate ribbon and AOS awards from Orchidophilia 2024.
John Alexander and Peter Kaellgren join us to share their discoveries of the Weird, Wild and Wonderful: carnivores, parasites and other unusual plants in Canada.
Joyce Medcalf, Head Judge at our upcoming OOS Show (Orchidophilia 2024) will explain how to prepare your plants and create a winning orchid display of your own.
Dr. Jean Hollebone, our own orchid expert, takes us down the Amazon searching for orchids on an Orchid Conservation Alliance trip followed by more orchids in Africa at the Kenya Orchid Show where she served as an AOS judge.
This is our holiday celebration.  Learn about our supporting organizations: the American Orchid Society and the Canadian Orchid Congress and how we support them as an affiliate society.  Enjoy an OOS Trivia Challenge with festive refreshments and win prizes!
We welcome Peter Tobias to talk about the work of the Orchid Conservation Alliance around the world.
Thomas Mirenda, former chair of the AOS Conservation Committee, world orchid traveller and AOS ambassador is our October speaker. He will take us on an exciting adventure to discover the wild orchids of Australia in their natural habitats.
We welcome Terry Kennedy of Orchids in Our Tropics and Chair of the AOS Toronto Judging Centre to speak on Pseudobulbs: how structure affects culture requirements.