Opportunities to exhibit

You can exhibit your orchids in three ways:

On the Show Table at a monthly meeting

Show Table Monthly Meeting

In your own display at the Annual Show

Your own display

As a contribution to the Ottawa Orchid Display at our Annual Show or out-of-town shows.

Out of Town Show

Guidelines for exhibiting

Wherever you display your orchid please make sure that you follow these guidelines:

To prepare your orchids for display and travel


Put your name on the back or underneath the pot using masking tape.


Pack plants carefully so they are protected from wobbling and from the elements during transport.


Stake for transport. Do not put too many plants in one box!


Clean the foliage using water, water with a little milk, or diluted lemon juice. Never use plant shine products.


Remove any damaged/old flowers and leaves.


Check that your orchids are free of pests and disease. A plant may be withdrawn for these reasons.


When displaying, the flower should be the centre of attention, not the stake or clip. Try to use tape and a stake that is just long enough to support the flower.


If the plant or pot does not stand up by itself, please put it in an additional pot.

In addition for a monthly meeting

Fill out the appropriate form on the Show Table twenty minutes before the meeting begins with both the name of your plant and your name and fold it so that your name cannot be seen – only the name of the plant. Judges must “blind” judge.

Make sure that the name of your plant is complete and spelled correctly. If it has been corrected in a previous display, use the corrected name.

For our annual show and out-of-town shows

The plants must be registered in a judging class. The team bringing the plants will do this for you and there will be a deadline for you to send the name of your plant. In these cases, please include the parentage of hybrids if possible and the colour and size of the flower if requested.

Put your name and list of plants both inside and outside the travelling box so that the displayer can easily repack the plants for the return journey.

Show and tell

If you cannot physically bring your plant and you are proud of it, feel free to take a good resolution photograph and share it at the monthly meeting Show and Tell or on our social media!

Awarded orchids