We have an active Conservation Committee which meets regularly every second Tuesday at 7:00 pm via Zoom and acts on orchid conservation issues. Preservation of species, particularly Canadian native orchids is important to all orchid lovers, including sustainable orchid culture practices.

The society is taking a special interest in Purdon Fen near Lanark, the home of thousands of Cypripedium reginae. This area is managed by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA).

Over the past many years, one of our members (Marilyn Light) has undertaken a detailed study of the propagation of the Cypripedium reginae orchids, considering all aspects through pollination, seed setting, seed ripening, germination, growth and flowering. This year, the Conservation Committee has continued this work by conducting an Orchid Census at the Purdon Conservation Area. The Society is cooperating in this work with the MVCA. Results will be posted when available.

Donations for conservation initiatives made by the Ottawa Orchid Society have included the Purdon Conservation Area, a Dracula reserve in Ecuador through the Orchid Conservation Alliance and to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens in Mexico.

Interested in joining this Committee?

Current Conservation Committee Chair: Daniel Brumar