About the Ottawa Orchid Society

We aim to create a space where orchid lovers who come from all walks of life can share their knowledge and experience growing orchids.

The Ottawa Orchid Society is affiliated with the Canadian Orchid Congress (COC) and with the American Orchid Society (AOS). Through these affiliations, the Society is able to obtain world-class speakers for regular meetings.

Our mission.

Founded in 1978, the Ottawa Orchid Society (OOS) aims to promote and assist in every way the knowledge, appreciation, culture, study, development, improvement and conservation of orchids.

Leadership team

President Jan Johns 613-253-1996
Vice-President Jennie McCloskey 613-731-5918
Treasurer Doug Vye 613-722-6738
Secretary Pam McLennan
Show Chair TBA
Newsletter Editor Andrea Picher
Membership Chair Jennie McCloskey
Program Jean Hollebone 613-226-2395
Canadian Orchid Congress Representative Jan Johns
American Orchid Society Representative Joyce Medcalf
Conservation Representative Daniel Brumar
Webmaster Hang Tran