My passion for plants, both indoor and outdoor, was passed on to me from generation to generation. Orchids, however, remained a flower that I admired, but did not have the confidence to grow myself. That is until one of our members, Monique Savard, finally convinced me that I could do it. What started with one Phalaenopsis two years ago, quickly grew into a collection of 50 orchids of various species (which Monique had rightfully predicted would happen). Eager to learn as much as I could to succeed in this new passion, I looked up all kinds of information on orchids. Which brings me to write this review on Miss Orchid Girl.

Danny started her YouTube Channel in 2013 to share her orchid growing experience. She posts videos almost daily with tips and tricks through tutorials suited for beginners and intermediate growers. With currently 485K subscribers to her channel and nearly 75M views of her videos, she offers hours upon hours of orchid information, including watering, fertilizing and repotting.

Since I am still early in my orchid-growing journey, I appreciate how she offers simple advice that is easy to understand. The fact that she doesn’t show her face in her videos keeps the focus on the plants, the hands-on demonstrations and the information she shares. I appreciate that she is not about appearances and product placement, unlike many social media influencers.

From beginner care series to species-specific advice, passing through some myth-busting, she shares her own experience (including failures and what she learned from them), as well as scientific evidence helping us to understand “how things work”. I enjoy the monthly tours of her grow room to see her collection and her unboxing of new plants to discover more orchids that I need to buy (I can’t help it!). I go back to her channel to search specific care information when I get a new variety or when I face a challenge. With the thousands of videos her channel offers, so far, I have always found what I am looking for.

What also separates her from others is that she makes it clear that the kind of care you need to provide is influenced by your very own unique growing conditions; in other words, there is no magic formula. For example, she made me understand that despite the general “rule” of growing Phalaenopsis orchids in bark, if keeping mine in sphagnum moss is what works for me, that is what I need to keep doing.

Although advanced growers may not find the level of information they are seeking, everyone will find many videos for their viewing pleasure. Who here doesn’t love looking at beautiful orchids?  For the beginners and intermediate growers, Miss Orchid Girl is a great source of information to you by following your favourite social media.





Photo by Dirk de Snayer - Oncostelopsis Sunkissed Buttercup

contributed by Melanie Charbonneau

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