We welcome Terry Kennedy of Orchids in Our Tropics and Chair of the AOS Toronto Judging Centre to speak on Pseudobulbs: how structure affects culture requirements

When: Sunday, September 17 from 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Where: Nepean Sportsplex, 1401 Woodroffe Ave. in Hall F (Enter through door 2 from the rear parking lot)

Our speaker is Terry Kennedy of Orchids in Our Tropics, long time AOS orchid Judge and current chair of the AOS Toronto Judging Centre. She will be presenting an interesting talk on Pseudobulbs, those enlarged bulges seen at the base of leaves in Cattleyas, Bulbophyllums and other orchids and will indicate how structure affects culture requirements of these orchids. Their lack of presence in other orchid genera signals different cultural requirements. This is a new and different presentation and should be helpful to all of us in improving the culture of our orchids. Given in Terry’s warm, personable style, it should be a delightful presentation and excellent learning

Terry and her husband Doug will also be bringing plants for sale from their orchid greenhouse. Terry has provided an extensive list of what is available. To avoid disappointment, preorders are recommended as they can only bring a percentage of their stock. The Kennedys specialize in species orchids although they
sell some hybrids. They are excellent growers, and their material is always in excellent condition, disease and bug free. Members should have received the pre-order list by email.

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