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We now have a complete list of vendors who will be coming to our 2018 Show. Many of them are the same as we had at the 2017 show, but we also have several new vendors.  Please click here for the 2018 listing in PDF format. This list includes information about how to contact the vendors.

Please note that many of the dealers coming to Ottawa to sell orchid plants have much, much more in their greenhouses at home and can only bring a limited stock of plants to sell at our show.  If you are looking for something specific, you are encouraged to contact the vendor to see if they have what you are seeking. Vendors will be happy to bring what you want if they have the item in stock and you will save the shipping and handling costs. Pre-ordered items will be available for pick up from the vendors from noon Saturday through to Show closing on Sunday.

A new vendor from Ecuador, Equaflor-A, is coming to the show this year, and this will be their first time in Canada. They have provided a 2018 price list (prices in USD) and they encourage pre-orders. Please click here.
Orchidphile updated price list (prices in USD) for April. Please click here.
Orchids in our Tropics 2018 price list for pre-orders. Please click here.
Ten Shin Gardens 2018 price list (prices in CAD) for pre-orders. Please click here.
ADSOL LED Lighting technical information and price list for bulk orders. Please click here.

Please support our vendors as they support our show at personal expense, time and effort and without their participation, we would not have the many beautiful exhibits on display and many of the great and interesting plants for visitors to buy, grow and enjoy.

Unless otherwise stated, our international vendors take payment at the show in Canadian dollars.