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If you are a Society member please remember to let us know if you change your email address, otherwise we are unable to contact you with Society notices. When you renew your membership please let us know whether you will pick up your membership card in person or whether you prefer us to mail it to you.


If you are not currently a member please consider joining us. Membership is only $25 per year and entitles you to attend all our meetings and special events throughout the year. It also allows you to take an active role in the Society in whatever way you choose.

Spike is published approximately 1 week before each monthly meeting. Please click on the links to select the month you would like to see.

Copies of Spike going back to 2007 are also available in our Spike Archives.

If you have something to contribute to Spike, please contact the editor. An editor's life is not easy with a deadline to meet each month, and he or she is always willing and eager to receive suggestions.

Even better, submit your contribution by e-mail and the editor can simply "cut and paste" directly without having to retype. Every little bit helps! You can find the phone number and email address in the current issue of Spike.


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