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A highlight of each meeting is the Show Table where members bring flowering plants for display and judging. These Show Tables have developed over the years into mini-shows in their own right. Plants are judged in each orchid family class (known as an “Alliance”) and ribbons are awarded.

This is a good opportunity to share knowledge related to specific orchids and their growing conditions. By bringing your plant in, you not only have a chance to share the beautiful flowers with other members but you also have the opportunity to share ideas and tips on growing from some of our experts.

The alliances are as follows:

• Cattleya alliance

• Dendrobium group

• Oncidium alliance

• Paphiopedilum / phragmipedium

• Phalaenopsis

• Pleurothallid group

 • Vandaceous alliance

• Miscellaneous

Everyone is encouraged to bring in your flowering plants for the show table - you do not need to be an expert grower. If you are not sure which alliance your plant belongs in, one of the society members will be happy to help you decide. We even have a “Novice” category for anyone who has not brought a plant for the show table previously.  

A show table at a typical meeting

Close-up of the Cattleya Alliance section

We have collected a lot of photos from Show Tables at meetings over the past few years. Please check under the “Photos” tab, or click here.