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All entries into the annual OOS Orchid Show are judged by accredited American Orchid Society judges, and ribbons are awarded for plants judged First, Second and Third in each class. Special trophies and rosettes are presented for Best in Class, Best in Show, Best Exhibit, Best Visiting Society, etc. A complete list of awards is given in the Show Schedule, although sometimes not all awards are presented depending on entries received.
In addition to the ribbon awards, AOS awards may be given to outstanding plants. AOS awards are based on an objective assessment of the individual plant in comparison to historical records of similar plants seen elsewhere. Plants with exceptional characteristics may receive an AOS Award of Merit (AM/AOS), a High Class Certificate (HCC/AOS), a First Class Certificate (FCC/AOS) or a Certificate of Cultural Merit (ACM/AOS). An AOS award becomes a permanent part of the record for that plant, whereas a ribbon or trophy is only applicable at the particular show when it was awarded.
Please use the links to view the awards at recent OOS shows.