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Phragmipedium Jason Fischer
Photo:  Dave Cooper

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and certainly pictures of orchids are no exception. When we see the beautiful flowers displayed on the show table at a monthly meeting, or at our annual show, we are motivated to try to capture their beauty in pictures. Over the years the OOS has accumulated a large number of photographs and we strive to include as many as possible in our website. Please use the links to browse through them.

As well as photos taken at shows and show tables, we have some from special events run by the society, such as the visit to Montreal Botanical Gardens. Wherever possible, we have tried to include the name of the plant as well as the image itself so you can hunt down a particular plant if you especially like the flowers. Please accept our apologies if a name is missing - even an un-named photo is better than nothing!

In most cases the photos are presented as a “thumbnail” for convenience, and if you click the thumbnail you will download a larger version of the same image to see more detail.