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*** 2008 Show Photos***

Click here for a selection of photos from the 2008 Show.

Other photos from previous shows are also available on the "Orchid Shows" page.

We now have a listing in alphabetical order that includes most of the orchid photos from other pages in the website. With this list you can easily find a particular photo you are looking for. The list is available in several different formats. The listing by orchid alliances groups all photos in each alliance together, with individual photos in alphabetical order within each alliance. The alphabetical listing shows all photos in alphabetical order regardless of their alliance.

Both lists are available either with or without the photos. If you just want to have a list of plant names, this will download very quickly. The list with photos takes longer to download, but gives you access to the photos themselves.

Alphabetical list by alliances, with photosAlphabetical list by alliances, no photos
Alphabetical list, with photosAlphabetical list, no photos

The alliances are:

Cattleya alliance

Cymbidium alliance

Cypripedium alliance



Dendrobium Alliance

Oncidium Alliance


Pleurothallid Group

Vanda Alliance


Lists updated February 16, 2003.

Plant's full names and grower's name included where available.

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