Montreal Botanical Gardens - Feb 23, 2008

About 25 society members participated in the bus trip to Montreal Botanical Gardens on February 23, very well organized by Julie Mertens. Despite a few small delays, we arrived at the Gardens in good time and were met by Lise Gobeille, who is in charge of the Gardens' orchid collection. She took us through the public orchid greenhouse, where gloriously flowering plants were much admired and photographed. We then had a tour of the three production greenhouses, all so full of orchids it was sometimes difficult to walk between the rows of plants. After a nice lunch at Scores, we made our way to Le Paradis des Orchidées. Let's just say many of us went home with new 'babies'.

Below is a selection of photos taken by Dave Cooper and Julie Mertens.

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Public Greenhouse

Arriving at MBG...

A snowy welcome!

Some of the group...

anxious to get inside.
Lise Gobeille

Our host and guide
Epiphytes in the main display

A large specimen

about 1m square
Another specimen plant

The same plant

in closeup.

A bulbophylum

specimen plant
Another view of the

same bulbophylum plant
Another magnificent

large bulbophylum plant

dendrobium guerreroi

lycaste cruenta

dendrobium c.k al

A specimen plant of

mormolyca ringens
The same plant

in closeup
A display of phals

suitable for photos!

A large stanhopea

Bulbophyllum auratum

Cattleya aurantiaca

Phal Brother Elizabeth

a beautiful spotted yellow flower.

Production greenhouses

Laeliocattleya Ptarmigan Ridge "Mendenhall"

an impressive plant!
Brassolaeliocatt Hunabu Dignity

in closeup
Closeup of schoenorchis gemmata

flower spikes
A large laelia anceps

specimen plant

Another laelia anceps specimen

in an almost natural setting!
laelia anceps flowers

in closeup
An impressive specimen plant

of epidendrum mirabile

The same plant

in closeup
A wall of specimen plants

with Julie behind

gastrorchis lutea

The paph section

under a netting
The warm greenhouse

with misting in progress
Paph Borburn

Flower is 5 inches across!
Another nice paph

Adaglossum Summit 'Frenchtown'


a large flower on a small plant!
Epidendrum stamfordianum var leeeanum

Maxillaria densa

Miltonia Aileen Lawless

Odontoglossum praestans

Butterfly house


the butterfly guide

Butterfly lunch...

a nice fruit snack
A butterfly posing...

an elusive subject!

Atlas moth emerging

an impressive guy!

A caterpillar

munching on leaves

Other attractions

Cactus house

An unusual cactus

lepismium ianthothele
Who knew that a jade plant

could flower?

A Chinese mountain scene

with tiny bonsai trees

Le Paradis des Orchidees

Awards won by Le Paradis

from Ottawa Orchid Society

Awards from other Shows
General view of the greenhouse...

very impressive!

Phals by the thousands...

as far as the eye can see!

Our gracious host

Sylvie Paquette
Questions and answers

Phals in spots


and pinks

But not all are phals...

angraecum eburnum 'superbum'


epidendrum ilense

epidendrum pseudepidendrum 'album'

More questions...

from us

...and answers

from Sylvie
Darwin's famous plant

angraecum sesquepedale

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