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Note that the society has discontinued the library because of the general preference for on-line sources of information. All books and other materials have now been sold.


The society has put together some information on importing orchids to Canada. Please click here for details.

There was an article in the May 2003 Spike on Paph.vietnamense, which is a new paphiopedilum species that is very striking and is being used to breed all types of new and exciting crosses. Here is a photo of this plant.

If you have something to contribute to Spike, please contact the editor. An editor's life is not easy with a deadline to meet each month, and he or she is always willing and eager to receive suggestions. Even better, submit your contribution by e-mail and the editor can simply "cut and paste" directly without having to retype. Every little bit helps! You can find the phone number and email address in the current issue of Spike.


The society is taking a special interest in Purdon Fen, where there are thousands of Cypripedium Reginae growing. This area was supported by government grants, but is now dependant on private donations. Society members are encouraged to donate through the "adopt-an-orchid" program. Please click here for more information on conservation.

Society members wishing to sell plants are welcome to bring them to the Members Sales Table at the Annual Show in April. Any member may bring up to a maximum of 20 plants, and plants must be in good condition. Note that 10% is deducted from the sale price and helps to support Society activities. For more details and a sales form please refer to the “Shows” tab.