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The society is taking a special interest in Purdon Fen, where there are thousands of Cypripedium Reginae growing. This area was supported by government grants, but is now dependant on private donations. Society members are encouraged to donate through the "adopt-an-orchid" program. Please click on the image at the left to download a brochure giving details about Purdon Fen (in pdf format suitable for printing).

One of our members (Marilyn Light) is starting a detailed study of the propagation of the Cypripedium Reginae orchids, considering all aspects through pollination, seed setting, seed ripening, germination, growth and flowering. The first stage - re-establishing a 15 meter square grid of marker posts across most of the fen - was completed last fall. This will enable an accurate count of the plants (started during the summer of 1999) indicating where they are located, and will be compared with an earlier survey taken about 15 years ago to determine how the population has evolved in the intervening time.

The society is cooperating in this work with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, who have overall management responsibility for Purdon Fen.



Some recent photos taken at Purdon Fen (please click on the image to see a larger photo).