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The society is taking a special interest in Purdon Fen, where there are thousands of Cypripedium reginae growing. This area is managed by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), and is dependant on private donations. Society members are encouraged to donate through their "adopt-an-orchid" program.

Over the past many years, one of our members (Marilyn Light) has undertaken a detailed study of the propagation of the Cypripedium reginae orchids, considering all aspects through pollination, seed setting, seed ripening, germination, growth and flowering.


The Society is cooperating in this work with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, and the final report is available on their website.

A key part of the Society’s mission is to support orchid conservation, not only locally but whenever there is an opportunity to make a difference. The Society has recently (2018) made a contribution to a new Dracula reserve in Ecuador, established through the Orchid Conservation Alliance.

If you have suggestions for other conservation activities that you think the Society could support, please contact us with your ideas.

Purdon Brochure (PDF)

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