Orchid Art Winners - Orchidophilia 2014


            Show Chair’s Choice:  Lilith Ohan, Poem in Spike




            Best in Photography:  Mike Laking, Beauty in Flight


Photography - Digital Painting


1st              Mike Laking                                    Beauty in Flight


2nd            Robin McLaughlin                        Orchid 1


3rd             Dave Cooper                                  Summer Style


HM             Dave Cooper                                  Let Me Out



Photography - Orchids in Natural Habitat


1st              Arlene Lang                                    Gisela


2nd            Dave Cooper                                  Cypripedium reginae #1


3rd             Dave Cooper                                  Cypripedium reginae #2



Photography - Cultivated Orchids


1st                                                          Jay Norris            Cymbidium Alisomar #2


2nd                                                        Jay Norris            Cattleya white


3rd                                                         Arlene Lang        Coryanthes macrantha



Fine Art


               Best in Fine Art:  Susan Goold, Tropical Treat


Oil & Acrylic


1st              Susan Goold                                   Tropical Treat


2nd            Donna Wiegand                            Waves


2nd            Jeanette Mitchell                         Phalaenopsis "White"


3rd             Graziella Cattoi                              Orchidee blanche


3rd             Jeanette Mitchell                         Phalaenopsis "Pearl Drop"





1st              Pauline Goss                                  Pure Elegance


2nd            Tong Li                                              Orchids - Happiness


3rd             Jaynie Coulterman                      Phalenopsis, a Study in Pink


HM             Susan Goold                                   Orchids in the Wild



Drawing and Pastels


1st              Allison Fagan                                  Whimsy


2nd            Margaret Donahue                     Phragmipedium


3rd             DingChang Xu                                Orchid 1


HM             Gina Corvinelli                               Florida



Student Drawing and Pastels


1st              Ted Zhang                                       Orchid


2nd            Catherine Shao                             Slipper Orchid


3rd             Megan Tao                                     Orchid


HM             Stephen Zhao                                Orchid


HM             Nancy Gong                                   Orchid Drawing


HM             Angela Wang                                 Orchid



In the Style of Klimt


1st              Sue Shuker                                     Golden Orchid


2nd            DingChang Xu                                Orchid 2


3rd             Allison Fagan                                  Selfie with Gustav


HM             Judith Dufresne                            Hommage à Adèle / Tribute to Adele


HM             Joan V. McLean                            Ode to an Orchid #1



Mixed Media


1st              Allison Fagan                                  Orchid


2nd            Ruirong Yu                                      Drooping Orchid



Fine Crafts


               Best in Fine Crafts:  Cairn CunnanePaphiopedelum, Bronze, steel 2




1st              Judith Dufresne                            En bouquet d'or


2nd            Arlene Lang                                    Ming Orchids, Cross Stitch





1st                                                          Cairn Cunnane  Paphiopedelum, Bronze, steel 2



Other, Mixed Media


1st              Ruirong Yu                                      Engraved Plate 1


2nd            Ruirong Yu                                      Engraved Plate 2    


3rd             Iris Shields                                       Orchid Dance