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Cymbidium Alliance

Dendrobium Alliance

Pleurothallid Alliance

Maxillaria Alliance

Miscellaneous Genera

The term “Alliance” is used to describe a group of genera that have many common characteristics and can be used for cross breeding.


In the Annual Show, the plants are classed and judged according to their alliance, and “Best of Alliance” awards are given. The Vanda Alliance is split into two for convenience, because of the large number of Phalaenopsis entries. The table at the right shows the alliances used in the Ottawa Orchid Society Show.


For the Show Table at meetings we use the same grouping by Alliances but simplified by leaving out the Cymbidium Alliance and Maxillaria Alliance. If any of these plants are brought to the Show table they are grouped with the Miscellaneous Alliance.


Note: During the pandemic we will have a virtual Show Table where we invite members to send in photos of their flowering plants - more details in our Meetings page.


Cattleya Alliance

Cypridedium Alliance

Vanda Alliance (Phalaenopsis)

Vanda Alliance (except Phalaenopsis)

Oncidium Alliance