Alliance Award Winners – Orchidophilia 2017

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B. Cattleya Alliance

Cattleya guatemalensis

Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens

C. Cypripedilum Alliance

Paphiopedilum Lady Sand (Paphiopedilum Lady Booth x Paphiopedilum sanderianum)

Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens

D1. Phalaenopsis/Doritis Alliance

Phalaenopsis Gan Lin Fairy (Phalaenopsis Chian Xen Pearl x Phalaenopsis Mount Lip)

Le Paradis des Orchidées

D2. Vanda Alliance

Vascostylis Pine River 'Pink'

Orchids in Our Tropics

E. Oncidium Alliance

Oncidium Valley

Hamilton Greenhouses

F. Cymbidium Alliance

Cymbidium sinense 'Dai Kowk Quin'

Raven Vision

G. Dendrobium Alliance

Dendrobium gratiosissimum

Les Orchidophiles de Montréal

H. Pleurothallid Alliance

Pleurothallis omoglossa 'Hill Island' CBR/CCM/CCE/AOS

Joyce Medcalf

I. Maxilleria Alliance

Scuticaria steelei

Les Orchidophiles de Montréal

J. Miscellaneous Genera

Coelogyne merrillii 'Hayna' CHM/AOS

Orchids in Our Tropics

K. Fragrance

Maxillaria tenuifolia 'Mother's Day' CCM/AOS

Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens

M. Photography

"Grass Pink Orchid"

John Alexander

N. Fine Art

Orchid Painting

William Wang

O. Fine Crafts

Engraved Vase

Ruirong Yu