Group Award Winners    Orchidophilia 2015

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B. Cattleya Alliance

Guarianthe x guatemalensis

Orchid Society of The Royal Botanical Gardens (OSRBG)

C. Cypripedilum Alliance

Paphiopedilum Crown Jewel 'Wilson's Choice' AM/AOS

Wilson Ng

D1. Phalaenopsis/Doritis Alliance

Phalaenopsis Lioulin Oval Lip

The orchidPhile

D2. Vanda Alliance

Rhyncostylis gigantea 'Wilson's Choice' AM/CCM/AOS

Wilson Ng

E. Oncidium Alliance

Oncidium Issaku Nagata 'Volcano Queen' HCC/AOS

Exotic Orchids Plus

F. Cymbidium Alliance

Cymbidium (Sussex Dawn x Via Verde Dawn 'Citron Alba')

Vivian Brownell (OOS)

G. Dendrobium Alliance

Dendrobium spectabile 'Crystal Star' CCM/AOS

Crystal Star Orchids

H. Pleurothallid Alliance

Pleurothallis omoglossa 'Hill Island' CBR/CCM/CCE/AOS

Joyce Medcalf

I. Maxilleria Alliance

Bifrenaria harrisoniae 'Ruth' AM/AOS

Marsh Hollow

J. Miscellaneous Genera

Bulbophyllum falcatum var. falcatum 'JBM'

Les Orchidophiles de Montréal

K. Fragrance

Cattlianthe Cherry Song 'Pink'

Jean Hollebone (OOS)

M. Photography

Be Happy!

Arlene Lang

N. Fine Art

"Vanda Beauty"

Pauline Goss

0. Fine Crafts


Louise Cossette