Alliance Awards              Orchidophilia 2014

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B. Cattleya Alliance

E cordigera

Crystal Star

C. Cypripedilum Alliance

Paph sangii

Piping Rock Orchids

D1. Phalaenopsis/Doritis Alliance

Phal (Syn.Dtps) Little Gem Stripes


D2. Vanda Alliance

Vanda Limbo Dancer (V cristata x V. limbata)

Sherry & Peter Decyk (OSRBG)

E. Oncidium Alliance

Colm Wildcat ‘CT-Leopard’

Crystal Star

F. Cymbidium Alliance

Cym hybrid ‘No Name`

Joyce Medcalf

G. Dendrobium Alliance

Den chrysotoxum

Exotic Orchids Plus

H. Pleurothallid Alliance

Pleurothallis wagneri ‘Walter’ AM/CCM/CHM/AOS

J&L Orchids

I. Maxilleria Alliance

Bifrenaria harrisoniae ‘Ruth’ AM/AOS

Marsh Hollow

J. Miscellaneous Genera

Bulb lobbii ‘Kathy’s Gold’

Marsh Hollow

K. Fragrance

Clowesia rosea

La Société du Saguenay-Lac-St- Jean




M. Orchid Photography

Beauty in Flight

Mike Laking

N. Orchid Fine Art

Tropical Treat

Susan Goold

O. Orchid Fine Crafts

Paphiopedilum, Bronze, steel2

Cairn Cuannme